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The GolfWorks is the golf industry’s most complete source for golf club components, clubmaking tools and supplies and technical information. Located in Newark, Ohio, the GolfWorks has been providing clubmakers and other golf equipment experts with a complete complement of proprietary clubhead designs full selection of brand name shafts and grips for more than 25 years.

Founded by Ralph Maltby in 1976, The GolfWorks is recognized throughout the industry for supreme golf equipment design technology. All metal woods and irons offered by The GolfWorks have are designed by Ralph and The GolfWorks Technical Team through the use of the proprietary Maltby Playability Factor. Derived through more than 34 years of golf club design and practical fitting experience, Ralph created the Maltby Playability Factor by combining a simple application of the laws of physics and an advanced mathematical formula. The result is a clubhead rating range that separates all models into five distinct playability levels:

The higher the Playability Rating of a clubhead design, the easier the club is to consistently hit. All clubhead designs offered by The GolfWorks have a Playability Factor of Ultra Game Improvement, Super Game Improvement or Game Improvement. That gives clubhead designs from The GolfWorks a quantified performance rating that no other golf equipment manufacturer can match.

“Custom fitting golf equipment has always been two parts fact and one part ‘best guess,’” said Ralph. “The Maltby Playability Factor is a quantitative guide that objectively identifies specific clubhead performance characteristics for specific player types. As a result, clubmakers now have an additional tool in matching golfers with perfectly fit equipment.”

Models Suitable for a Long Putter

Maltby Xtreme Moment Design 01 Putter Heads
Maltby Xtreme Moment Design 01 Putter Heads Putting has been described as an exercise in near misses — in the past, great putts have only come to those who have worked long and hard to develop a virtually perfect stroke. Ralph Maltby has spent thousands of hours studying the putt and putter construction, looking for a way to design a head that would let a golfer with a less-than-perfect stroke putt confidently and with good success. Xtreme Moment putters are the latest products of that research. The results are truly remarkable. We now have putters that will sink a 20-foot putt with a hit as much as 1" off center (ball contact that varies as much as 2" over the face from side to side)!


DM Accuisite MOI Putter Head
DM Accusite ASP7

Accusite MOI mallet putters offer extreme perimeter weighting for a very high moment of inertia. The head is sculpted out in the center, moving extra mass to the sides and back. A bright-white alignment aid helps square the putter face at address and keep it square through the putting stroke. This putter head features a hard, sprayed ceramic insert that provides a crisp feedback and enhances face durability.


Maltby Center Shaft Series Putter Heads
Maltby Center Shaft Series Putter Heads

Maltby Center Shaft Putters offer high precision metallurgy in a complete line of custom-fit putters. Made from 100% CNC milled raw 8620 carbon steel rolling bat for exceptionall tight tolerances for a perfectly flat face. The long putter model has a MPF rating of 100+.


In addition to split grips, Golfworks also offers an extra long continuous grip.


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