The How to Use the Long Putter

If you have trouble putting well, you probably have too much action in your wrists which can lead to poor control of the putterhead at impact. With greens faster than ever and in better condition this places a premium on precision. You will see players of all levels todays experimenting with different ways to get the ball in the hole. Some are using unusual or unconventional grips while others are moving to longer lengthed putters.

Many club manufacturers are offering extended length putters designed to be anchored against your chest or under your chin. The main function for this style putter is to minimize the action of the wrist, or even taking the wrist action out of the stroke all together.

Think Pendulum

The really nice feature of the long putter is having a center point that is fixed and letting the putterhead swing back and through the ball. The pendulum style stroke is more consistent than a swing using the too much hands or wrist action with a standard length putter. Also, you will be able to practice longer without back pain using the long putter.

The Setup

Just like using a standard length putter you will need to have several common traits to your stance. Your feet, knees, hips, shoulders all should be parallel to the target line. You eyes should be over the ball. You will still need to "read" the green to get the line. The long putter should be held against your chest with the forward hand (hand closest to the target) and the trailing hand should grip the club near thigh height.

The Stroke

There are several different strokes that can be used and you will need to experiment with them to find the one that is most comfortable. We recommend Chip Heyl's book, The Long View of Improved Putting: Using the Long Putter to learn the different styles and the benefits of each long putting stroke.

The Grip

Just like the stroke, there are several different grip methods that can be used to create that smooth swing and tempo. To find out which grip is best for you we recommend Chip Heyl's book, The Long View of Improved Putting: Using the Long Putter.

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Check out what J. Sandy Reese has to say about using a long putter in an article he wrote - Long Putter Features and Advantages - Confessions of a Long Putter User .

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